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Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll (b. 1961) is an accomplished surfer from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia. Tom began competing on the World Championship Tour in 1979 where he made the final of the prestigious Pipeline Masters, from there he came on to be crowned World Champion in 1983 and 1984.


Tom is still a keen, passionate surfer today and even though he still has a busy travel schedule we often catch up to surf and refine designs. Tom has been the first team rider I have worked with for Eye Symmetry.


It has been a great journey thus far learning Toms craft and working on improvements in his board designs. He has an incredible knowledge of surfboards, shapers, waves and more which I am very fortunate and grateful he has been happy to share with me. Today, were working more closely than ever before, including making a range of larger waves boards for the upcoming Australian winter, I wrote to him in Fiji and asked him why he chooses to ride Eye Symmetry Surfboards.

“What I am drawn to is the fine attention to functional design, aesthetic qualities and detail. Clearly aesthetic is not the only focus apparent once we dig deeper into Max Stewart’s commitment, this is why I like riding his boards…his open minded approach helps things maintain momentum!

Max simply keeps his eye’s and mind open and applies himself, this is an infectious quality and one we strive for in order to grow. A very tricky ask in the surfboard manufacturing industry.

I love that he is so committed to his art which matches easily with my desire to keep this inner fire alight. Right now I am on Tavarua, Fiji and my go to boards I love at present are; The Wombi Fish 5’4” Ghost Flex (innegra mesh deck and innegra strips placed either side of the rail) this = a lively little bugger!! And a classic one off surprise Max arrives with; 6’2” quad single flyer swallow reverse vee hull glassed heavy and edges sanded hard from nose to tail. “Surprise” is a key word here !!! Why…”feeling” is another key word here. Both boards allow me to connect clearly with each design element which are carefully, artisan like, placed which add to their sensitivity…nuff-said.


I’m really looking forward to sharing my experience with this fresh talent for the surfboard manufacturing craft Max harbours deep inside himself. Bring that slowly but surely to the fore!!”