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The Turtle

The Turtle is a modern take on the traditional keel fish, designed for surfers who wish to take a relaxed, stylish approach in small to overhead waves. 

The rocker of this board is quite standard for a fish design with a low, clean entry and super subtle rocker in the tail. The keel fins used for the turtle are a custom design specifically for the board and are handmade from epoxy resin. 

Features: Beveled rails (deck & bottom)

and scoop deck

The main feature of the Turtle would be its unique rails and foil design. Throughout the centre of the board the deck is slightly scooped which tapers at the rails quite drastically, this increases the amount of volume in the design without compromising performance. Inspired by a similar bevel edge Tom Carroll has been adding into the bottom of his SUP designs we also decided to add this unique feature into the Turtle design. By adding a slightly scooped bevel edge, which runs from the base of the keel fins to the nose, we are able to increase the concave of the board which therefore generates unexpected lift and speed. Another advantage of the bevel edge bottom is the sensation that it gives the surfer on the wave. The added edge to the bottom of the board frees up the wide plan-shape and allows the rider to initiate the turn more easily whilst maintaining speed and control.

Features: Modified traditional outline and unique bottom contours

In addition to the unique rails and foils of the board, The Turtle has a slightly curved outline towards the tail of the board, which further encourages maneuverability. The low rocker found in The Turtle honors traditional design and creates a lot of speed, especially in slow or fat sections of the wave. Concave in The Turtle is a slight vee-double entry which blends to a double within a single concave that deepens towards the centre of the board and softens off the tail. The combination of this unique bottom design and low rocker symbiotically work together to create as much speed as possible without compromising turning ability. Custom, handmade epoxy keel fins made specifically for the board are recommended, however Futures and FCS II fin systems are also available and offer great substitutes for travelling surfers.

Manufacturing: Cut lap inlay to accentuate bevel rail shape

The construction of the Turtle is slightly stronger than our performance oriented models in the Eye Symmetry Range. In regards to the lamination a 6oz inlay bottom with a 6oz x 4oz deck is recommended as standard. This creates a favorable strength to weight ratio in the board which is durable yet not heavy. An epoxy pin-line is added to the bottom of the board along the bevel edge, this allows for the original shape of the board to be highly defined in the finished product. This meticulous approach to the finish naturally translates into an elevated and electric experience for the surfer, both in and out of the water.

Wave Type: Relaxed approach towards

a variety of conditions

The Turtle is quite a versatile board design and suits surfers who wish to have a somewhat relaxed approach. The harmonious combination of a variety of technical design elements allows the board to be ridden in a diverse range of conditions from waist high to overhead relatively powerful waves.