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The Rapture

The Rapture is a step-down or small wave version of our regular short-board The Lucid Eye. It features a modular outline with a relatively wide profile and a smooth, subtle rocker.

The foils of the board are full to maintain volume throughout the design and therefore create a short, wide board suited for smaller less powerful waves.

Features: Outline, foils and rocker

The concept behind The Rapture was to take all the performance features of The Lucid Eye and apply them into a shorter and more compact design. This can be seen throughout the simple yet distinctive elements found in The Rapture. Beside the aforementioned wide profile, The Rapture also has a smooth, relaxed rocker with low to medium lift in the nose and similarly low to medium tail lift. The foils of the board are quite unique and are designed in a way to maximize volume distribution throughout the shape. The entire deck of The rapture is almost flat, finishing with a bevel edge which runs along the entire length of the rail from the tail to the nose. This reduces the rail volume and maintains sensitivity in the board during rail to rail transitions. The creation of the hard edge at the rail also has another effect on the boards performance during critical maneuvers. The edge provides a flat surface for the water to shear off which reduces drag, thereby enhancing speed and performance.


The Rapture lends itself to a minimalistic design with simple colours and clean aesthetics. It’s a proven model in our stringer-less EPS technology, Ghost Flex as this construction provides an extra level of sensitivity and responsiveness to the board.

Wave Type

The Rapture excels in small to medium short period wind-swell type conditions where you need a board that can react quickly to unpredictable changes whilst simultaneously providing an electric feeling under your feet.