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Lucid EYE

The Lucid Eye is our take on the modern performance short-board. It features a classic plan-shape reminiscent of the short-board era but has some subtle, contemporary modifications to make it more versatile and user friendly. Typically shaped with a rounded square tail and thruster set-up, The Lucid Eye suits a range of conditions from shoulder high and above.

Features: Miniman yet highly refined outline, foils and concave

The outline of the Lucid Eye is slightly modified from the classic design of the short-board revolution with a slighter wider profile throughout the board. In addition to the adjusted plan-shape, The Lucid Eye also has relatively full foils and the volume of the board gradually refines towards the nose and tail. This allows for a greater amount of volume to be carefully placed in the board without it feeling unrefined or cumbersome. The concave of The Lucid Eye corresponds with the foils of the board. In the nose a subtle quad concave is shaped in the design to break up the water and free up the board, preventing the front end from catching during critical manoeuvres. Throughout the centre of the board and between the feet a subtle double within an overall single concave carries through towards the tail where it intensifies throughout the fin area and exits off the tail as a vee-double concave. By accentuating the double concave in the tail of the board it increases the boards sensitivity and ability to engage and react accordingly to the riders command.

Features: Hard-edged 'Octo-rails' and 'Accelerated' rocker

The past few years has seen Max focusing a lot of attention in the rocker of the boards, especially The Lucid Eye.  The rocker in this design is very fast in a sense that the entry curve is very clean, that is there are no points of excess curve or flatness. This rocker line softens and blends seamlessly throughout the centre of the board where the curve relaxes and carries consistently toward the tail. From the leading fins to the back of the board the rocker subtly increases again. This slight lift in the tail rocker, combined with the double concave provides a really sharp, sensitive feeling when riding on the wave. To increase the performance level of The Lucid Eye even more, its often shaped with our signature series of hard-edged rails aka ‘octo-rails’. By replacing the curved surface of the rail with hard edges we see a reduction in drag from the board and therefore an increase in speed and drive and thus performance.

Manufacturing: Epoxy flame art with function and 'Ghost Flex'

The Lucid Eye is commonly shaped with octo-rails and a medium strength, tinted laminate.  This makes the board quite light but also durable. In the PU x Epoxy version, this board often has post laminate resin flames….a modern take on a classic 90’s design which showcases a myriad of handcrafting skills. The Lucid Eye is also regularly constructed in our stringer-less EPS technology Ghost Flex.

Wave Type: Versatile and reliable good wave board

The Lucid Eye is quite a versatile design and can be ridden in a range of conditions with wave heights ranging from chest high to well overhead.