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The Leaf

The Leaf is our dedicated step-up model, designed by Tom Carroll for large, powerful waves. Its very similar in design to The Bud, however, features an increased amount of rocker, combined with a pulled in, low volume tail suited for barrel riding. 

Features: Radical outline and pulled in

mini thumb tail

The outline of The Leaf resembles it’s name with the wide point forward and rather radical pulled in mini thumb tail creating a plan-shape with somewhat radical curves. The design of The Leaf is reminiscent of Tom Carroll’s pipe winning boards by legendary Hawaiian shaper Pat Rawson. By having quite a accentuated curve in The Leaf’s outline we’re able to concentrate extra volume in the chest area of the board whilst also maintaining a sensitive pulled in tail which can handle larger, powerful waves.

Features: Soft rails and the relation to concave and rocker

Overall, The Leaf has a substantial amount of lift in the nose combined with a low to medium lift in the tail. The distribution of rocker in this manner allows you to take steep drops into more critical waves with ease whilst still maintaining drive and control from the pulled in tail. The concave in The Leaf begins with a slightly rolled quad concave entry which softens and blends into a double within an overall single concave throughout the centre of the board. This concave becomes quite exaggerated in the region between the midpoint and just forward of the leading fins. The extra concave in the stance area straightens out the centre line of the board thereby increasing the amount of speed and drive in the shape. Throughout the fin region and off the tail, the concave gradually softens in a similar fashion to The Bud, however its slightly less dramatic to reduce the effect of added sped and drive in larger, more powerful waves. The rails of The Leaf are rather soft to reduce the likelihood of the board catching the rail during transitions and steeper drops. The rails in the tail region of The Leaf are more tucked than a regular board to promote turning and engage with the wave, thereby maintaining hold throughout turns. The other advantage of the tucked rails is that it reduces the planing area in the tail. This allows for increased hold during critical sections of the wave such as barrel riding.

Manufacturing: Unique carbon detailing

The Bud is suited to our regular stringer PU x epoxy laminate construction. On the bottom of the board a 7mm uni directional carbon strip is placed on top of the stringer and folds over the nose and tail of the board. On the deck, this carbon connects with a three stripe uni directional carbon which runs the entire length of the board. The subtle details add to the overall aesthetics of the design whilst also increasing the longitudinal strength and life of the board.

Wave Type: Powerful, hollow waves

The Leaf is a dedicated step-up board which is suited to waves ranging from overhead and above. This model is able to be scaled up into a semi-gun style board upon request. The relationship of the unique bottom contours and outline particularly makes this model suitable for picturesque powerful, hollow waves formed from long period swells.