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The Dako Roo

The Dako Roo is a small wave hybrid short-board particularly suited to small, short period waves typical to summer conditions. It features a wide nose profile and relatively straight rails, towards the tail there are two slight direction changes to help break up the outline and free up the board, making it easier to turn.


This unique plan-shape, combined with a relatively low, smooth rocker creates a fun summer alternative to a regular style shortboard.

Features: Signature outline - double bump diamond tail

The signature feature of The Dako Roo design would be in the outline itself. Overall, the planshape of the board is quite full with a wide nose that maintains a relatively straight rail line as it tapers toward the tail. At the tail, near the base of the fins, the outline is momentarily altered by two direction changes or subtle bumps which break up the straight rails and allow the board to be maneuvered more easily. The striking diamond tail, Inspired by Hector Santamaria, maintains a high surface area  that creates initial acceleration from the board when up and riding, not to mention gliding through flatter or softer sections of waves a breeze. 

Features: Relationship between subtle rocker and bottom concaves

The overall rocker of The Dako Roo is quite subtle and continuous with low to medium lift in the nose and low tail curve…this paired with the aforementioned overall shape creates a lot of speed and acceleration. The bottom contours in this design are synonymous to the other boards in the collection with a subtle quad concave entry blending into a double within a single concave which deepens between the mid section of the board and softens between the fins and finally finishes with a subtle vee off the tail. Recommended fin setup for The Dako Roo is a thruster, however, due to the plan shape and concaves of the board it can also be ridden as a quad.


The Dako Roo is commonly shaped with a diamond tail and a high strength, tinted laminate to absorb any hard impact from landing airs. Couple that with our stringer-less EPS X innegra technology Ghost Flex and you get a reactive, light weight yet strong surfboard ready to launch.

Wave Type: Small junky waves suitable for airs

The Dako Roo was initially inspired working closely with Hector Santamaria who was looking for boards with wider profiles and flatter rockers for small summer waves. It became clearly apparent that these attributes in Surfboards are essential for the everyday waves we so often encounter. The Dako Roo is one such model designed for most regular, average conditions.