The Bud

The Bud is a step-up from our performance short-board model The Lucid Eye. Influenced and inspired by Tom Carroll, the signature feature of the design is the pulled in mini thumb tail combined with the overall minimalistic yet sophisticated plan-shape. The combination of these two features creates a board that’s suited to clean, powerful waves in the overhead range.

Features: Signature outline and unique concave

The outline of The Bud is reminiscent of The Lucid Eye in the entry, with the main distinguishing feature being the difference in the tail shape. The mini thumb tail references Tom Carroll’s rich history with Hawaiian shaping legend Pat Rawson and caters the design for larger waves. Another subtle, yet powerful feature of The Bud is the bottom concaves. As with our other models, The Bud begins with a subtle quad concave entry that blends into a slight double within a single concave. As this concave moves through the centre of the board it deepens quite drastically between the feet position and then slowly softens once again off the tail. The effect of the placement of this unique concave straightens out the centre line of the board, which thereby increases speed and drive considerably. Surfing The Bud in clean powerful conditions allows you to speed up and slow down to match the pace of the wave with ease by shifting your feet position slightly, making the board excel in overhead waves in dreamy locations such as Indonesia.

Features: Specialised rail shape/foils and accelerated rocker

The foils of The Bud are quite regular with the volume distribution consistently refining out towards both the nose and tail of the design. The rails are relatively soft throughout the entire shape to compensate for the exaggerated concave and to prevent the board from catching during carves and maneuvers. At the tail of the board, the deck curve becomes flatter which allows for the reduction of thickness in the tail and therefore creates more sensitivity and performance in the board. In addition to the reduced thickness, the rail shape at the tail section differs from traditional design with the bottom edge, or tuck moving further towards the centre of the board. This promotes maneuverability  of the board by allowing it to be easier put on rail and guided through turns. The rocker in The Bud has a medium to high lift in the nose and low to medium lift in the tail. The curve of the rocker is quite accelerated in the sense that the entry is super clean and carries throughout the board without any points of excess curve or flatness.

Manufacturing: Unique carbon detailing

The Bud is suited to our regular stringer PU x epoxy laminate construction. On the bottom of the board a 7mm uni directional carbon strip is placed on top of the stringer and folds over the nose and tail of the board. On the deck, this carbon connects with a three stripe uni directional carbon which runs the entire length of the board. The subtle details add to the overall aesthetics of the design whilst also increasing the longitudinal strength and life of the board.

Wave Type: Overhead, clean waves

The Bud excels in waves of the overhead range. In particular clean, running waves such as point-breaks and lined up beach set-ups.

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