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The BCN is a dignified all-rounder design,  The shape was originally inspired during a trip to Spain, as a solution for the highly unpredictable conditions of Barcelona. It was then further developed and refined from home in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to work with your everyday waves.

While it is designed to enjoy laid back, yet reactive turns on small to medium sized waves, its pin tail and its reduced area will also hold larger waves, making it our range's funnest, versatile board.

Features: Minimalist yet sophisticated plan-shape

The main feature of the BCN is its overall simplistic minimal design. It features a full outline with the main distinguishing feature being the elegant wide thumb tail and how the curves in the board interact and harmoniously compliment one another.


As the rail line from the wide point of the board begins to taper into the tail it creates slightly straighter rails which generates speed. A slight change in direction takes place near the rear of the leading fins to tighten up the tail and promote maneuverability in the design.


Further to the simplistic, yet beautiful outline we see a similar approach to the rocker. The BCN has an overall extremely clean and consistent bottom curve with low to medium lift in the nose and a reduced tail rocker, this allows the board to be suited to a wide range of conditions.

Features: subtle concaves and vee-double tail

The Foils of the BCN are relatively full with an almost flat deck that tapers quite rapidly towards the rails forming a slight bevel edge. This creates a high concentration of volume throughout the centre of the board whilst also maintaining a familiar feeling of surfing.


Concaves of The BCN are overall, quite soft with a subtle quad concave entry that transitions into a double within a single concave through the centre of the board and finishes with a spiral vee off the tail. The combination of these minimal features creates an overall, clean design, which allows The BCN to perform in a wide range of conditions.

Wave Type

The clean outline of the BCN which comprises a relatively full nose and pulled in tail allows the board to excel in a wide variety of conditions. The BCN can be ridden in small, weak waves, good waves in the head high and above range and even up to double overhead.