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Premium traditional surfboards

Aiming at building the best possible quality surfboards, with a full control and craftsmanship over the whole process (shaping, laminating, sanding...), we thrive on building traditional PU stringered surfboards for a classic flexible feel.


With a mindset of making zero compromise we apply Kinetix Resin to our classic construction in order to make the boards more durable and more UV resistant while keeping the same flexibile properties.


Modern EPS/Epoxy surfboards

The GhostFlex construction is a result of an original idea to create a surfboard with an overall consistent flex without any weak point in its entire construction:

  • EPS foam for buoyancy and high reactivity

  • Use Innegra cloth for the best flexibility/strength ratio

  • Right mix of Innegra X High-end Fiberglass X Kinetix Epoxy Resin for high durability