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Hector Santamaria

Hector Santamaria (b. 1992) is a young free surfer from Puerto Rico. Since being introduced by a mutual friend from California in 2014 he is now the main surfer I work and travel with​ as well as help with his career. An insane talent and a very unique and fun personality sees him friends with some of the worlds most recognised surfers, whilst also flying under the radar. In 2015 were working on a feature film, Tesoro the movie, starring some of his friends, which will showcase his true colours. Hector is more than an ambassador of Eye Symmetry, he is part of the brand, look out for Hector this year, he’s too good to miss. I sent Hector some questions about himself, Eye Symmetry and what it means to be a part of the brand.

“Im from San Juan, PR but spend half the year travelling. I am 26 years old, I smile, make people happych and I read books too. I love sprinkling love everywherech. I really enjoy doing art its magical for sure is a humbling experience. I see surfing different than others I see it more like a spiritual experience. Eye Symmetry boards are awesome. They feel rad under my feet, they glide super lovely. I really like the style of Eye Symmetry, super open minded in all areas. The boards are so pleasing to the eye. The art is very radch. My relationship with Max is really inspiring. He helps so much not just with my surfing with my actions as well. He took me to japan that was super flawless. He is full of joy so we connect very well. I don’t believe in plans but he showed me that it is very important which is true. The experience is full of lessons and learning a bunch.

My favourite board is my signature model, The Dako Roo made in GhostFlex. Its just real good for airs, barrels and turns very precise. Super happy with it thank youch Max you are a magician. I look forward to a joy-full journey. Travel a bunch, make people smile and inspire them as well.”