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Eye Symmetry surfboard design and fabrication is the market leader in high quality, aesthetically pleasing performance surfboards. The company was founded by Max Stewart (b. 1991) from Sydney, Australia in 2013. Building upon years of experience working alongside craftsmen in both Australia and the USA and with a passion for perfection, Max is able to create a product which is a little different to the rest of the market. All Eye Symmetry surfboards feature hand-made resin leash loops, many have fixed fins and only the finest materials, sourced from around the world are used to fabricate Eye Symmetry surfboards.

The visual presentation of our product is also fundamental to Eye Symmetry and as such we specialise in artistic lamination techniques such as opaque and translucent resin tinting. With one craftsman meticulously fabricating an Eye Symmetry board from design, shape, lamination and finishing processes we are able to customise each board to suit the individual customer. At Eye Symmetry we use only the strongest glass fabrics available laminated in a ‘cut lap’ technique with the brightest epoxy resins on the market to create a product with a uniform flex pattern with no weak points. In this way Eye Symmetry surfboards are the whitest, lightest, strongest and most visually appealing boards on the market.